Hawaii Born.

I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, half the time living in town and the other half spent in Ewa Beach. I grew up the local way… eating spam musubi, popping fireworks at New Year’s, and complaining about traffic on the H1. As a young boy I looked forward to the day I would leave the islands and call the mainland home. While I did call the frozen north (Minnesota) home for five years, as I grew older I realized my love for Hawaii – its food, people, lifestyle, weather, and culture. I came back to Honolulu in 2016 to be among friends and family once again.

The Food Blogger.

I love food. I love exploring new flavors and ingredients. I want chefs to challenge my palate. I want food to tell a story, to convey emotion, to form a memory I will retain for years to come. Nowadays I travel specifically to places where I also want to eat and hope to continue adding to the list of my culinary experiences around the world.

I started taking photos and blogging about my dining experiences in Honolulu back in 2007, way before it was cool to be a food blogger. Over the years I’ve progressed from a Canon PowerShot to full DSLR photography. Now I’m on the mirrorless bandwagon, but still shooting in RAW.

Over the year’s I’ve written short pieces for a few publications online. Those pieces include (starting with the most recent):

Frolic Hawaii
Heavy Table

My food photos, amateur as they are, have been fortunate to appear in several online and print publications. These publications include Food & Wine Magazine, Savuer, AFAR Travel Magazine, Eater, Heavy Table, and Frolic Hawaii. I archive photos from most of my notable meals on Flickr. You can view those albums here.

Aloha Epicure.

This site was created so I could have a place to aggregate my posts on various topics. However, as the name implies I’ll be mostly writing about my thoughts* on different restaurant experiences both at home and abroad. I blog to compile my thoughts and experiences, but also to share them with others.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find here at least one thing of interest!

*Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not reflect those of my employer(s) or business partners.