Dough Zone

How do the xiaolongbao at this local Seattle chain stack up against those of the…


One of Tokyo's most respected kaiseki restaurants that has held a three Michelin…

Din Tai Fung

A world famous chain known for its xiaolongbao. Does it live up to the hype?

Kichi Kichi キチキチ

One of Kyoto's most famous restaurants thanks to Buzzfeed and social media.


This 2-Michelin star Kyoto restaurant offers a kaiseki experience utilizing a…

Yakiniku Jambo Hanare

An experience centered around Japan's best wagyu beef in a casual atmosphere.

Yakitori Hachibei

This Honolulu Chinatown restaurant is grilling up delicious yakitori and more.

Asagayu breakfast at Hyotei

A traditional Japanese breakfast at a Kyoto restaurant that's nearly 400 years old.

Golden Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Bar

King street ramen shop serving up deliciously rich tonkotsu ramen.

Happy hour at Vino

Vino's happy hour special breaks the mold from your everyday offering by including…

Sushi Harasho

Lunch at this storied 2-Michelin star sushi restaurant in Osaka.


A restaurant that earned 3-Michelin stars in under two years.

An Adventure in Peru

Trip report of our epic adventure to Macchu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and…

Seoul Tofu House

The newest eatery to help satisfy your spicy tofu soup fix.

Minori Craft Japanese Tavern

Checking out the Japanese concept that replaced the recently closed Tsukada Nojo.

Restaurant XO

Senia alums bring new flavors to the burgeoning food scene in Kaimuki.

Best Plates of 2018

Summarizing my year of eating with the top ten plates of 2018.


One of the world's best restaurants is serving a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese…


How does the latest concept from the group that brought us ZIGU stack up?

Vein at Kaka’ako

Yet another new concept in SALT Kaka'ako. How does this one stack up?

Mian Taste

Can't help but love these fiery noodles and dumplings.

Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera

One of the few places in Hawaii where you can get real Kobe beef from Japan.


An instant favorite of ours! ZIGU serves some great izakaya-style food in Waikiki.

Tim Ho Wan

Will the first location in Hawaii live up to the chain's reputation for great dim…

Anniversary on Kauai

Trip report from our quick weekend getaway to the Garden Isle.

Iceland & New York City

An incredible journey to one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the…

Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

A sunset hike to a lighthouse on the eastern-most part of Oahu

Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

One of the state's many trails with well maintained paths that lead to the summit…

Best Plates of 2017

Reflecting on my year of eating with the best plates of 2017.

Kyoto & Osaka

My first trip where hotel and airfare was covered completely by points and miles!…

A Weekend in Vegas

Celebrating one more year of wisdom with a trip to Sin City...

Pai Honolulu

Checking out a preview event at Honolulu's newest addition to the fine dining…

2017 ROCKS Murder Mystery

Mystery, intrigue, and murder at our rotary club's annual fundraising event!

SSSC @ MW Restaurant

Elevated bar food at a "super secret" supper club event held at MW Restaurant.

A Weekend on Kauai

A little weekend getaway to Kauai to celebrate our anniversary!

Kaena Point (Southern Trail)

Monk seals and albatross are just some of the highlights of this remote yet easy…

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

One of Hawaii's most popular tourist attractions, Hanauma Bay provides a safe place…

School Cleanup Day

Helping a middle school clean up their campus and clear some brush.

Vintage Cave Cafe

Trying out the "casual" sister restaurant to the exclusive Vintage Cave Club.

Gen Korean BBQ

Braved the opening crowd at this popular AYCE yakiniku chain to see what the hype…


Enjoying amazing views of Waikiki and Ala Moana while gliding in the air.

Tonkatsu Tamafuji

Trying a taste of Japan right here in Honolulu.

Diamond Head Summit Trail

Is this an easy hike full of tourists? Yes. Are the views worth it? Yes.

Foster Botanical Gardens

A hidden oasis just outside of downtown Honolulu.

Turbinates & Septums

Amazing that you can go so long without knowing something about yourself.

Senia (Chef’s Tasting)

One of the only, if not the only, true tasting menus in Honolulu right now.

Afternoon Tea at MW Restaurant

A more chef driven approach to afternoon tea.

Haunama Bay Rock Bridge

This hike provides a different view and perspective of Hanauma Bay.

Waikalua Loko I’a Fishpond

Helping to remove invasive mangroves from a preserved Hawaiian fishpond.

Yakiniku Yoshi

Wagyu beef yakiniku. Yes please.

Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise

Helping to give back to the community in at least some small way.

New Camera – Sony Alpha 7RII

After years of using Canon I finally caved and jumped on the mirrorless bandwagon.


The most anticipated restaurant opening in Honolulu (at least for me) in years.


Enjoyed an amazing trip to Cancun for President's Club!

The Kentucky Derby

I'm not much of a horse racing enthusiast, but if you're only ever going to go to…