One of the best things about moving back to Hawaii has been reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. This is doubly good since many of these folks are also gastronomes who love dining out. Last night I had the good fortune to catch up with two fellow epicures. For dinner we visited Yakiniku Yoshi, an establishment I had not yet experienced, known for its wagyu beef.

Parking was a bit curious. I first pulled in to the lot to find most of the stalls full and three stalls marked “No Parking”. I reversed out into the street and found no open spots. Out of frustration I called the restaurant, who strangely told me that I could park in those “No Parking” stalls. After pulling back into the lot I walked in to the restaurant and found it mostly empty. It picked up in business as our meal progressed, but wasn’t at capacity at any point during dinner.

The light field of customers is more likely due to the price point of Yakiniku Yoshi than the quality. As mentioned before this restaurant features wagyu beef, both the American and Japanese varieties. A full set menu with Japanese Wagyu beef runs $170 for two. Yoshi does, however, offer happy hour and more modestly priced sets as well.

Beef Nigiri Zukke with daikon oroshi

One of the signature appetizer items at Yoshi is their Wagyu Beef Nigiri Zukke. A4/A5 Japanese wagyu beef sits, raw, atop rice. With beef this marbled, you don’t need much else. Each bite is rich and melts in the mouth.

Yakisuki with mountain yam and egg
Kalbi Set

We didn’t order much in the way of vegetables. In a place that serves such quality meat, why fill up on roughage? While all the beef was delicious we really enjoyed the yakisuki with mountain yam and egg. Thin, long strips of A-grade wagyu beef are quickly cooked on the grill then dipped into the yam and egg. The flavors come together like the most luxurious sukiyaki.

I think this is a great place to take fans of yakiniku for a special treat. The price point is higher than average, but if you appreciate the special nature of Japanese wagyu beef, you are in for a tasty meal.

Yakiniku Yoshi
1316 Young Street
Honolulu, HI 96814