UPDATE 6/1/2019: After closing and reopening as a different concept, Mian Taste has returned and is back to serving its spicy noodles and chili oil dumplings again!

There is some aspect of a hot bowl of noodles that just speaks to me. Pho, ramen, udon… just noodle soups as a whole seem to hit the spot with me. Perhaps its my predilection toward Asian foods, or my attempt to defrost from five years spent in the cold northern USA. Regardless of the root cause, my love of noodles and broth takes me on the hunt for new places to try. And so I was excited to learn about a new Szechuan-style noodle restaurant, Mian Taste.

Mian Taste opened in the space formerly occupied by Chengdu Taste, which is apparently their sister restaurant. From what I was told Chegndu will be moving upstairs to a new, larger space in the near future.

Table setting at Mian Taste
Mung bean soup, pickled cabbage, and the menus

Mian Taste is all about heat! Almost every dish is served spicy. To help combat the heat they serve chilled mung bean soup (in a tea cup), which is supposed to help cool the palate. Having been here a couple of times, I do think it helps a little. The menu at Mian Taste is all about noodles. There are a couple of side dishes (egg, vegetable, cabbage) but the lion’s share of menu real estate are bowls of noodles (with or without broth) and dumplings.

Chili oil dumplings at Mian Taste
Chili oil dumplings

I’m a big fan of the chili oil dumplings here. Spicy, savory, and pipping hot! I think I like these more than I logically should, but for me they have achieved must-order status if dining at Mian Taste.

Spare rib noodles at Mian Taste
Spare rib noodles, green onion, secret sauce

The broths we’ve tried so far seem to be based on either beef or pork. I myself might prefer the pig bone soup broth base, as I feel it has a little more nuance to the flavor while still packing the umami. Almost every bowl of noodle is going to come with a copious amount of chili oil and peppers, which really amps up the heat. Unfortunately I’m the type of person that sweats when eating spicy food, but I’m glad to endure it when the mood strikes for a bowl of noodles here.

Mian Taste isn’t going to wow you with stellar service or decor, but it will likely hit the spot if you’re in the mood for some spicy noodles.

Mian Taste
808 Sheridan Street
Honolulu, HI 96814