During out trip to Cancun last year, we wanted to try parasailing with a vendor who set up every day right out on the beach in front of our hotel. On the day that we finally decided to give it a try, the winds started to come in too strongly and the vendor unfortunately had to close up shop for the day due to safety concerns. This was a disappointment, as the azure blue waters off the Cancun coast would have been beautiful thing to enjoy.

So it’s a good thing we moved back to Hawaii! Judy had been keeping an eye out for some special deals and managed to snag a Groupon deal for parasailing. The reviews for this company were great and they had a great safety record, so we booked a date and headed out to Kewalo Basin on an unfortunately partly cloudy afternoon.

Sit back, relax, and let the wind take you away!

After the boat got out into the water we started parasailing, one couple at a time. Judy and I were second to the last to go. I had my trusty GoPro with me, but also had the crew take photos for us for an additional charge. It’s amazing how easily the large parachute just lifted out combined weight off the boat and into the air.

Floating over the ocean at the kama’aina height

When you book your parasailing excursion you can select from one of a few different heights. The higher you go, the longer you get to sail as well. When the operators found out we were locals, they gave us a bonus kama’aina height, which was a total of 1,000 feet of line. Based on a guess at our angle to the boat, I estimated we were about 500-700 feet up in the air.

Floating around with Diamond Head in the background

Although you’re floating around at such a height and moving forward at a decent clip due to the pull of the boat, the time in the air is actually very peaceful. The wind noise is no where near as loud as I thought it’d be. It was a relaxing time to spend enjoying the view and the experience of floating in a parachute.


At the end of your time you also have the option of getting dipped into the ocean. Here’s a short clip shot by the boat operators!

Made it back to the boat safe and sound!

While the experience is rather short, only about 8 minutes in the air, it was a lot of fun and allowed us to view Honolulu from a perspective you don’t often get unless you happen to be sitting at the window of an airplane. We’ll definitely keep parasailing in mind for other locations we might visit around the world!