For those in the know, Frolic’s “Super Secret Supper Club” series was initially started by my friend and fellow food writer, Grant “Chuggy Bear” Shindo. The events start off as invitation only, with any leftover seats made available to the public through Frolic’s website. Grant and Frolic hope to host one or two of these events a month, which will make for a fun series of dining throughout the year. These dinners are designed to give the opportunity for local dining enthusiasts to experience unique menus at some of the hottest restaurants in town. Tonight’s dinner was hosted at MW Restaurant, one of Honolulu’s top fine dining restaurants.

Instead of the regular menu, we were treated to MW’s elevated take on “sports bar” food, inspired by Chef Wade Ueoka’s love of sports. The meal was served family style, and executed with great timing and efficiency, which is surprising considering the room was filled with 40 hungry diners. The following are the dishes served tonight, with a few of my personal notes and highlights:

Ahi Sashimi with a truffle ponzu sauce

Fresh ahi, lightly seared with a nice textural contrast in the crust. The bright citrus of ponzu balances the mild fattiness of the tuna and awakened the palate.

Lobster Kamaboko Sandwich
Shrimp tempura with foie gras and jalapeno kabayaki

This tempura batter had a great crunch, encasing the delicate shrimp and foie gras within.

Fried salt and pepper chicken
Fried tofu, kona abalone, lobster, soy milk dashi

This was an interested play on fried tofu. Excellent texture on the tofu, contrasting with the soft textures of lobster and abalone.

“T and A” – Tater tots, kalua pig, avocado salsa

One of the most humble dishes but a standout nonetheless. After mixing all the components together (pic above is the “after being mixed” shot), you’re treated to a lot of great flavors and varying textures. The avocado salsa adds a fresh coolness to the dish.

“Fried Noodles” – Chinese roast duck, lup cheong, prok belly, black bean gravy, cake noodle
“Steak and Mushrooms” – Brandt prime ribeye steak, Small Kine Farms mushrooms, coconut green peppercorn sauce

The beef here is a very select, high quality cut brought in by MW. The steak was fork tender, with a deep beef flavor accentuated by wet aging. No doubt saving the best savory course for last.

Mud Pie – Hazelnut praline crunch, “orea” ice cream, Ka’u Kahlua coffee ice cream, Valrhona Manjari Frangelico ice cream
Hibiki Ice Cream Sandwich – Hibiki ice cream, Hibiki chiffon cake

All the oomph of a great Hibiki whiskey in dessert form. Light yet surprisingly forward in its whisky flavor. Is it possible to get drunk off ice cream sandwiches?

Tonight’s dinner was a great kickoff to Frolic’s secret supper club series in 2017. The food was excellent, along with the company of dining with friends. I look forward to attending more events throughout the year!

MW Restaurant
1538 Kapiolani Blvd Ste. 106
Honolulu, HI 96814